Why track your orgasms?

Do you know...
  • how often do you have orgasms?
  • what technique you use most for having orgasms?
  • how often you are having orgasms without your significant other?

How Often

We tend to be so busy some weeks that we don't even take the time for ourselves to have one orgasm. On the contrary, we may be extremely horny and come several times a day.

Tracking them is easy with the app - you get weekly, monthly, and yearly counts complete with charts to stay on top of where you have been.


By techniques, we mean the way in which you achieve your orgasms. You may be an intercourse only person but your mate might be way more adventurous requiring variety.

Tracking orgasms with our app gives you the ability to keep track of which technique was used for each and every time you orgasm. Create your own techniques and view charts of your orgasmic progress.

With or Without You

If you or your mate tend to be more likely to get it on alone it can lead to relationship problems. We have all been there. Guys that jack off regularly usually have signs that give away their hidden activities. Permission from your partner to have an orgasm is not for everyone but if you venture outside of vanilla sex, you probably know what this is all about.

Within the app each person's records are based on if they have permission to orgasm or not. Many users find this helpful to keep their guy in a more attentive, pleasing, and loving.

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