Sharing orgasms with your lover

How many times do you orgasm in a week, month, year?

Does your significant other know of all of your orgasms?

It can be surprising what their response might be... thrilled, terrified, turned on, pissed... It may be really fun sharing all the juicy details with them. They may even want to witness this if you never do it in front of each other, which you should be doing because it's super hot!

How few orgasms do you or your guy have?

A guy is going to be near on a high when he is aroused and then will crash right after. It may take up to 10 days for him to get back to a normal, horny state. Maybe this is why he's less caring after sex? Try making him wait one week before having another one. Usually after a week, he will be ready to go! Maybe he doesn't need to have an orgasm every time you do?

Are you having orgasms at the same time each month or on some sort of cycle?

It can be very enlightening to discover your body has a natural monthly rhythm in relation to orgasms. For her, she might be ready to go, very confident, and feeling sexy right after a period... many women are. Learn to read her and enjoy her emotional peaks and valleys.

We keep track of our orgasms as a couple. One of us logs into the app and enters each orgasm. There is nothing like receiving a text from my lover telling me about an orgasm I need to add. 

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